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July 19, 2013
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Thursday, Day 1 of Comic-Con

Fri Jul 19, 2013, 1:07 AM
Thursday was the first full day of Comic-Con, and artists, cosplayers, and fans (oh, my!) strapped on their most comfortable Con Shoes and continued rocking out in San Diego. It was also the day of deviantART's first panel, "How-To: Motion Books," which was so inspiring, audience members nearly had to be physically removed from the premises because the conversations ended long after they took the microphones away.

Sitting on the panel were spyed and techgnotic from deviantART, BenWolstenholme, LiamSharp, and nunyerbidniss from Madefire, and davegibbons, perhaps best-known for his collaboration with Alan Moore on "Watchmen." The topic was an explanation of the recent partnership of Madefire and deviantART -- who met at Comic-Con just last year! -- and a quick run down of everything the free Motion Book Tool can offer the next generation of comic book artists. We wish you could have felt the energy in the room there. If the audience expected a cut-and-dry explanation of the power of this new tool, their minds were blown when panelists flung stress balls into the eager crowd and then wowed them with a film showing the true future of storytelling. 

Untitled by LaurenKitsune

What the gentlemen talked about for the next hour was truly inspirational! Here are a few soundbites from the panel. It'll be like you were there with us!

"We realized quickly that these guys [deviantART] had built THE greatest creator community, it seemed like a natural fit, and here we are."
--Ben Wolstenholme (BenWolstenholme), on hoping to get Madefire to someday work with deviantART

"As somebody who's spent a lifetime doing comics, it occurred to me that digital was where we were headed. Tablets are the perfect device for comics. When I met Ben, my Spidey Senses started tingling, and I thought this was just what we were looking for. Other people tried. Some people put a horse on a skateboard and called it a motion book. These guys built an F-150 racing car."
--Dave Gibbons (davegibbons)

"Comics are not the art of drawing or painting. They're the art of telling stories with words and pictures."
--Dave Gibbons (davegibbons)

"Comics shouldn't be mistaken for a genre. It's a medium in and of itself. We're evolving the grammar for a new medium, and we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible."
--Liam Sharp (LiamSharp)

Untitled by LaurenKitsune

"On deviantART, you have old creators like me, you have people who are just starting to create, students, fans, critics, the means by which to get published. You've got the whole culture of a publishing universe in one place, and I don't think there's ever been anything like that before."
--Dave Gibbons (davegibbons)

"Storytellers on deviantART are building an audience from moment one."
--Ron Martino (techgnotic)

"What we're trying to create is not a community of consumers, but patrons. We're all backing each other up."
--Liam Sharp (LiamSharp)

"The hallmark of deviantART is people are willing to share their secrets and reach out. Not to get too teary, but that's something I'm really happy to encourage. And you're not limited to the people in your own neighborhood on deviantART, like we were. When you get people from wildly different cultures collaborating, you can't even imagine the outcome. It's really exciting."
--Dave Gibbons (davegibbons)

[An audience member asked what a writer should do if they are in search of an artist.]
"Post snippets of your chapters, interact with the artists, create a dialogue using our notes system, which is private. Start up a relationship with artists. This sort of thing is happening naturally on a large scale every single day." -- Angelo Sotira (spyed)
"It's Internet Dating for creatives." -- Dave Gibbons (davegibbons)

And now, how about some more amazing pictures from the day?

Ben's Landscape by LaurenKitsune
BenWolstenholme is not only Madefire's CEO, but an amazing artist himself!

Untitled by LaurenKitsune
Deviants love stopping by the booth to snap a shot in front of our backdrop. spyed had some fun walking the red carpet. Okay, it was black. :blush:

Loki by LaurenKitsune
Loki gives the stink-eye to an Iron-Man wannabe who stepped a little too close.

Kidz by LaurenKitsune
Deviants-in-training are always welcome to stop by the booth and let the creativity flow! And they can work a Wacom tablet better than certain staffers writing this Journal...

Portal Cosplay by LaurenKitsune
An amazing Chell from Portal towered over our booth. No word yet on whether the cake is truly a lie.

Merida ArchonEquilibrium by LaurenKitsune
"I use deviantART to go through fan art for reference of my costumes! Often the artists are more revealing of the character's true character than the official artwork." --ArchonEquilibrium

Schwag by LaurenKitsune
Anyone who stops by the booth is treated to a button of their choice, some lanyards, stress balls, informational handouts on Madefire and Downloadable Content, plus a high-five from various staff members!

Akimaro by LaurenKitsune
akimaro stopped by to sketch up an amazing Ariel. Or maybe she was just resting her -- what do you call them? Oh. Feet.

Doctor Who by LaurenKitsune
Amazing "Doctor Who" cosplays are in the air this year...

Kayandjuli by LaurenKitsune
...amongst deviants and devious staff alike! (damphyr as Captain Jack Harkness and aunjuli as Pretty Pink Dalek!)

Booth by LaurenKitsune

Finally, we thought it appropriate to end today's recap with spyed's final words from the panel earlier today.

"DeviantART was created to entertain, inspire, and empower the artist in all of us. In the spirit of that, there's nothing more inspiring than to be at the forefront of change. The world's changing, so come with us. It's gonna be great."
--Angelo Sotira

If you're at the convention, be sure to catch our next panel, "How-To: The Business of Fan Art," at noon in Room 2 upstairs. 

And if you missed Wednesday's recap, you can read all about it here! Until then, a happy con to you all, friends!

Follow along with Comic-Con as if you were actually here, as we recap each day's festivities!
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Foxeyes009 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Comic con sounds like Disneyland but much more better. 
jennifergarrett812 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Professional General Artist
I am sooooo bummed my boyfriend and I missed it 2 years in a row!!! No Mula thanks to a woman speeding and hitting me head on in a bad car accident, I am still recovering from a 4 level cervical spine fusion and getting ready for my second surgery: a 2 level low lumbar spinal fusion. I hope and pray money and my recovery will allow us to go. My boyfriend is a 25 year plus amazing artist and I graduated with my Bachelor of Graphic Design in 2010 from Indiana. We moved out here for opportunities like comic-con. I am hoping we can score 2 tickets next year. Hope all went well and hope that those that were fortunate to go had a blast. I will enjoy looking at all the photos, as I am a photographer too!!!
lain2k Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
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OMG I'M GOING NEXT YEAR CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Explodes*
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I got the Bamboo Wacoom Medium :D Its very nice but the problem is i have not that amazing talent :(((
chrisnoisett Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
Tngabor Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Why did DeviantArt change their logo for the event?
...does someone know?
hexuan Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
AniPal Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Student
:| (Blank Stare)  It is so much fun, I wish I that I was there 

LoveAnyway, you guys were amazing
ChaotixJewels Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
I wish I could go to Comic-Con but I don't have the money.
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