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July 20, 2013
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Friday, Day 2 of Comic-Con

Sat Jul 20, 2013, 1:31 AM
Comic-Con Veterans know there's an ebb and flow of patrons as the week progresses. While Preview Night can be frenzied with excitement for the con to come, there's also a notable saving of energy, knowing that the scant few hours of the first day will be nothing compared to the full-day smorgasbord for the remaining 4 days of the week. Thursday seems even more crazed by comparison, but of course, not all con-goers can get a weekday off. By Friday, electricity is buzzing in the air as cosplayers bust out their second outfit, comic-lovers bust out their second wallets, and area convenience stores are running dangerously low on comfy insoles and 5-Hour Energy Drinks.

DeviantART's second Comic-Con panel began at noon, and the topic was How-To: The Business of Fan Art. After last year's hugely successful Fan Art Law panel, Josh Wattles, makepictures, hoped to reprise the topic, but delve a bit deeper with a panel of professionals. Panelists included BrianKesinger, story artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Artgerm, Co-founder / Creative Director of Imaginary Friends Studios, Tomasz Opasinski, opasinski, movie and television artist extraordinaire, Bob Self, MrBabyTattoo, president of Baby Tattoo Books, Christyjoy Rivera from welovefine, and Kay Purcell, damphyr, deviantART staffer and fandom expert.

Untitled by LaurenKitsune

Just like yesterday, there were a ton of great sound bites we're happy to transcribe and pass along to you all if you couldn't make it to the panel!

"As a kid, I traced a lot. I know that's a four-letter word, but I was able to see the decisions the artists were making."
--Brian Kesinger, BrianKesinger

On why fan artists make great works of art: "If you're passionate about the canon, you might have approaches they couldn't hire someone to create."
--Josh Wattles, makepictures

Untitled by LaurenKitsune

"Fan art is a celebration showing appreciation for a property you love." 
--Stanley Lau, Artgerm

"The world has gotten into a mash-up mode. It's just as much a part of professionals' lives as it is of fans' lives."
--Bob Self, MrBabyTattoo

During audience Q&A, the artists were asked how much money they made.
"I make enough to keep myself happy and keep my family happy so I can keep doing art. If you're in it for the money only, unfortunately that shows in your art."
--Stanley Lau, Artgerm

"Money will come if the passion is there. No one will be excited about your work if you're not excited."
--Brian Kesinger, BrianKesinger

Comic Con 2013 23 By Makepictures-d6ea5bn by LaurenKitsune

An audience member asked how the panelists get exposure on deviantART.
Brian Kesinger, BrianKesinger: "I like to find Groups relevant to the subject matter. Be thoughtful with your keywords. I spend half my time posting coming up with keywords. Mail other deviant artists. When I was just starting out, I would find other artists and ask, 'Would you mind featuring me in your Journal?' If you're polite and your work is good, it goes a long way."
Kay Purcell, damphyr: "Or draw fan art of that artist's work!"

And now, please enjoy some pictures from the convention room floor!

Alohalilo  Chris Sanders  With A Cosplayer Of  by LaurenKitsune
A "Croods" cosplayer with creator Chris Sanders, alohalilo.

Untitled By Marioluevanos-d6e76pg by LaurenKitsune
In the center of this Madefire/deviantART sandwich is ConceptsByMiller, the gentleman who recommended last year that spyed swing by the Madefire booth and spark up a conversation.

Sophie  8 By Shyree2-d6e6vek by LaurenKitsune
A young pre-deviant named Sophie drawing Mike from "Monsters Inc."

Comic Con 2013 35 By Makepictures-d6ea5iv by LaurenKitsune
DeevElliott chatting up a fan.

Lauren Croft by LaurenKitsune
Um, that's me (LaurenKitsune) cosplaying as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider 2013.

Untitled by LaurenKitsune
Art brings people together.

And that wraps up our coverage of Friday's Comic-Con! Tomorrow, deviantART will be holding a panel in Room 2 upstairs talking about: "How-To: Creators + Audience."

If you've missed our other recaps, you can read all about Wednesday's Preview Night here and Thursday's Festivities here.

Follow along with Comic-Con as if you were actually here, as we recap each day's festivities!
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Those two at the end were sooo CUTEEEEEEEEEEE!! I ship it.
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I was here! Is there any way to get my photos added???
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what would be great? record the panel and broadcast it on a youtube channel.
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:'< i wish i lived in america just to have the opportunity to go to a comic-con
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