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This is a quick turnaround, as we want to go live soon, but since you lot are the best bug-catchers in town, I wanted to release it early so the fixes could be in and maybe even fixed before they're released to a wider audience.

As you may have seen on your mobile devices, the browser version of DeviantArt on Mobile was given a visual uplift a few months ago. That was intended to be the first step in a multi-rollout of Mobile Web changes to make it a better experience all around.

That was phase one.

We're now entering into the early stages of phase two on the Mobile Deviation Page only, with a few font updates, tab icon re-imaginings, and shiny interaction changes within each of the four tabs.

There are a few known issues, but based on your reports, we'll have a better idea on the priority with which to triage them.

Bugs can be reported in the Mobile Deviation Page project or as a comment on this article. Again, this is only to the Mobile Web version of deviation pages, not our app.

Please include browser info, OS information, screenshots, links, reproduction steps, and anything else you think will help describe your issue. Thank you in advance for your help!

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SY-Sarine Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2017
DreamerDanielsun Featured By Owner Edited Mar 22, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Now I know I'm not a beta tester, but after this mobile site update was released, there are a few bugs I want to point out. 

Bug #1: the nested option for the comments are a little broken. 
When there becomes a long strand of replies, the comments will soon move off-screen. Since I can't scroll sideways with the mobile site, the strand of replies become unreadable 
Another thing is that the long strand of replies makes things a bit tedious and annoying as I am trying to scroll to the next comment but with the long strand of replies, I sometimes have to tap "More Comments" twice just to get to the next comment.
As a suggestion, I would think on making the strand of replies for the nested option as long as the profile comments. 

Bug #2: The settings for the signature comments no longer applies to the update.
I know this is a minor thing but I do remember having the signature comments hidden yet it is still showing. 

Bug #3: There seems to be a random chance where my comment will turn into a reply.
Sometimes when I try commenting on a deviation with the comment box, the comment will suddenly become a reply to the latest comment after submitting. I then have to copy the comment and paste it back on the comment box, and then I have to quickly hide the reply so the wrong person won't read it. I don't have a picture for this since it is a random and sudden occurrence, but I do hope you are still able to fix this.

Thank you for spending your time on reading this and I hope these bugs can be fixed soon. 

Model: IPhone 5s
Version: IOS 9.3.5
Origami1105 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Everything seems to be working well for the most part! There are two things that stood out to me that need to be fixed in the comments:

1. There is some text overlap
2. It's not very clear where the comment ends and the signature begins (unless you specifically know what the signature is).

Screenshot 20170302-132015 by Origami1105  

Browser: Google Chrome (Version 56.0.2924.87)
OS: Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge
indyana Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Spent some time poking around, and overall, I think it looks beautiful. It's a little weird having it sort of battle out with the other styles ("dark" on the home page, "classic green" elsewhere), but by itself, the layout is really clean and nice.

Only clear bug (some text overlap), I filed in the bug tracker.

General design feedback:
- Agree with the statement a couple others have made about the blue Close/Done buttons in the popups looking really out of place. No blue anywhere else.
- Someone else said having the author bio first was weird, and I'll second that. Don't care if it's even on the deviation page... If I wanted the bio, I'd go to the user profile.
- In all the comments, there's no divider between the content and the user signature. Can be really confusing if you just read through!

LaurenKitsune Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
- Thank you very much -- yes, we're going to spruce up the pop-ups in V2 of the mobile deviation page, but I agree, the coloring is all wrong.
- Not sure about this one -- on the current mobile deviation page, the "bio" tab is first, so no change there!
- Good catch! I will file this right now!
indyana Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Chrome 56.0.2924.87, Android 6.0.1, DROID Turbo 
DrPlutonium007 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I have noticed that when I view a Deviation, the overall site design has changed. 
Here is what I mean:
DeviantArt Site Design Change by DrPlutonium007  

OS: iOS 10.0.1 (14A403)
Model: iPhone 5s
Browser: Google Chrome 55.0.2283.79

On another note, I have noticed that the comments section (when viewing a Deviation) have been cut off, but I don't have the screenshot for that. ^^'
I have also noticed that I can't hide, feature, edit, or mark a comment as spam as I can previously.
LaurenKitsune Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Great catch on the hide, feature, edit, spam! Looking into it now!
DrPlutonium007 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I also have found that I can't preview my comment as I can previously.
RicePoison Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Safari on iPhone 6S OSX 10
I don't like it. Please change it back please :( 

Also it cuts off the bottom comment in threads. Just noticing it on this thread. 
rotane Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Professional
Safari on iOS 10.2.1 (latest).

The first issue i'm having: the hamburger-menu doesn't open when i tap on it. Which makes it quite hard to navigate.

I then got to a deviation page, and the "more from" sections are all blank: I get a grid of grey squares, but no thumbs appear on them. (Is this still due to the AWS outage? Hard to believe, because on the desktop they load fine.)

Third, when tapping the first tab that opens the deviantID module of a deviant under the deviation (which i find weird, btw; especially that it's the first item on that list), the content sometimes overlaps with these 4 icons, rendering them impossible to tap again. I saw this happen on my page – but i have one of those "unofficially" modded devID modules with a custom background. (You can easily test this by going to any of my deviations and hitting that icon.)

And like Verridith i find the white background colours out of place. Not only does it clash with the overal design which was designed with those colours in mind, it also breaks too much from the desktop version. And since the app is another beast entirely, this makes it the 3rd version of dA – which is simply too much incoherence.
LaurenKitsune Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks for your reply!

The hamburger menu isn't included as a part of this test, but it should certainly work! Please let the Help Desk know if it keeps happening, and I'll keep an eye out for myself too. 

As for the More From, it sounds like the same thing is happening to you as happened to Pickley. We're trying to get to the bottom of that.

Third, unfortunately, we can't support unofficially modded modules. My apologies.

Thanks again for your assistance in testing!
rotane Featured By Owner Edited Mar 2, 2017  Professional

re: Third. I wasn't asking for a support of them, specifically, but for some way that they don't break the mobile site. Possibly even strip them of their custom CSS entirely, so that this doesn't happen.
Verridith Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Professional General Artist
I use the default browser for a Nokia Lumia phone running Windows 8.1 - and it looks great! There are only a couple of things that bother me. The 'remove from messages' button could be a different color, like green, because the border between it and the top buttons is a little too pronounced.

And the comment color looks very strange, light off color of the background. Perhaps this can be addressed?
LaurenKitsune Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Can you provide me with a screenshot of the "Remove from Messages" button and the comment color?
Verridith Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Professional General Artist
I can try, sure! Reply to this message - I'll be free to do so in a little while <3 (I don't have my phone on me or I'd do it now xD)
LaurenKitsune Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ping! :P
Verridith Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Professional General Artist
sorry! Super busy day yesterday and no internet at home xD but I got it!

Here is the remove message button:

And here is the strange comment color:
shot-fired Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Student Digital Artist
From a Droid phone in Chrome, I'm finding no issues going from thumbnail to thumbnail, following links, switching tabs, and exploring as normal. :)
paenut Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017
alrighty :>
Pickley Featured By Owner Edited Mar 1, 2017
iOS 10.2, Safari

Try opening any deviation from the Today page. It doesn't load the items details for me.

Untitled by Pickley  

Are the textfields for link, thumb and embed supposed to highlight all the text? Seems intermittent if so.

Tap any tab icon twice, once to show the item, once to hide it, icon stays green.

Should we be able to zoom into the page, normally mobile websites disable scaling the whole page:   Untitled by Pickley  

I'm presuming all the popups such as "WHO?" from favorites just haven't had their skinning finished? The blue buttons at the bottom are out of place.
LaurenKitsune Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks! We're looking into the item details issue. Happens sporadically :( We think we have it cornered.

I think the "textfield should highlight" issue was recently fixed, but I'll look out for it to happen again.

Good eye on the green icon!

We still have zoom enabled, yes, but we should look into other options, true.

And, yes, the popups such as "WHO?" are coming in a second rollout, but please do keep an eye out. Thank you very much!
Pickley Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017
Textfield issue still happens it seems. Oddly seems sporadic, can't pin down a reasoning for it not to.

For zoom, you should look into just zooming the image if possible, possibly via a lightbox effect. looks strange to zoom the complete page :).
GeorgeXVII Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017   Traditional Artist
KoyukiKuroya Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Student General Artist
:damphyr: Alrighty!
Catcoalatte Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MythicalArt13 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Student General Artist
Will do. :)
KovoWolf Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Professional General Artist
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